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Are You a Glee Fan?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on September 10, 2010 at 3:00 AM

We are, now. It’s about time Hollywood took care to craft the average (male) dentist in a realistic, everyday light. We’re sure you’ll all agree, it’s a welcome and refreshing change to see the dentist character in such a true to life portrayal. No more Steve Martin jokes, we’re no longer playing second fiddle to TV MDs like McDreamy or Denzel…Stamos Rules!

Hot off the press! Word has it – we heard from a friend of a relative whose niece’s best friends’ second cousin has a former college roommate whose daughter is the assistant to one of the production assistants on the same set in Culver City – John Stamos will be plying his trade guest starring as a dentist this season on the hit TV show Glee.

We just thought we’d take this opportunity to further the stereotype many male dentists are victim of everyday. The stereotype a thespian the likes of Mr. Stamos – we’re sure – will so eloquently personify; that of the handsome, affable, and humorous professional possessing infectious boyish charm and knife-edge wit…fighting the unrelenting battle of gingivitis, and exhibiting supreme dominion over the unrelenting cavity creeps. Just your normal everyday dentist.

Alright, we’ll admit. Maybe just the majority of male dentists are victims of the aforementioned stereotype. And maybe some dentists out there don’t have supermodels for ex-wives, but then again is that such a bad thing?

We’re positive Mr. John Stamos will deftly portray the average dentist with commendable aplomb.

Read more here:

Open wide: John Stamos plays dentist Dr Carl Howell in the second episode of Glee Season 2, seen here tending to Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester)


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