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Are the Kids Alright?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on September 19, 2010 at 3:00 AM

Despite our endless goal of providing a better life for our kids than we had growing up, some parents just still aren’t getting it…

A new report indicates that 18% of parents say that they plan to get tooth whitening for their teen as part of going back to school.

The survey, by American Express, also apparently found that 9% of parents would be willing to pay for their kids’ tattoos.

Whitening and tattoos – sounds like a divorcee going through a mid-life crisis, not your average teenager!

The kids are OK – but what about the parents???

How much coffee and tobacco stains can a teen possibly build up in their short lifetime?? Enough to warrant whitening???

Teens tend to have naturally white teeth anyway – because they are STILL GROWING. Their passion for teeth bleaching might seem unusual… until, of course, you remember that they’re teenagers!

If your teen wants some white chompers for the first semester, we’ll be sure to check them out – with your approval. And most likely we’ll talk them out of it, but in certain cases, it can be beneficial – so ask us if you have any questions.

CNN’s link to read the complete story (and see some funny inked up baby pic!):


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