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Show Us Your Canines!

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on September 27, 2010 at 3:00 AM

Nothing doing on the dentistry today, pure selfless promotion of our canine companions. We want to see some pooch pics on our wall, dentistry is great and exciting, and engaging, and super terrific – we know!

But there’s something about animal and kid pics that put us in a good mood. Maybe it’s because they are always happy to see us – like you’re always happy to see the dentist…

Whatever it is, you know you’re spending the time to review every pic in the FW email you got from your sister-in-law. We’re looking to get a little buzz going around the canine world – post your prize pooch pic to the wall and enter our drawing – could be milk bones, could be canine toothbrush…we haven’t really thought that far ahead. We just wanna see some doggie pics since experiencing a clumsy, adorable, drueling lil pup in the office this past week!

And for the educationally motivated, here’s your tip of the day:

Connect with Cesar here! (at least we think it’s his Facebook page…but you never know, maybe he could give us a pooch pic to post and up his dental street cred).

PS – no offense to cat lovers, we’ll spin a yarn around you very soon!


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