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There’s An App For That!

In Dental Care on October 1, 2010 at 3:00 AM

Dentistry by iPhone is here, this story really is incredible. According to, a visionary Brazilian dentist has taken mobile oral healthcare to new heights. Bia Kunze, D.D.S. is her name, and dentistry by iPhone is her game. is a dental-geek website, you probably wouldn’t be too thrilled…but then again, you’re on a dentist’s Facebook page right now…hmmm.

Yes, you heard us right, it is now possible to do your dental visits through your iPhone – there is actually an app for that!

Dr. Kunze, a Periodontist, specializes in treating patients with systemic problems such as diabetes and heart disease in and around the city of Curitiba in southern Brazil. In 2005, she closed her office and took her practice on the road, where she performs all procedures, especially periodontal and prosthodontic treatments.

Emerging mobile technology and quality dental patient care have come together in a new and exciting way. The good Dr. Kunze is virtually able to do everything involved with a normal dental examination, except x-rays – which are only to be performed in office or hospital environs, according to by Brazilian law[1].

With Dr. Kunze going mobile, an entire population of hospitalized patients, nursing home residents, and elderly or disabled patients are now able to enjoy the same quality of dental care in their own environment. They simply couldn’t get to a regular dental office before Dr. K took her act on the road. Now the doctor’s mobile visits afford this cherished population the same luxury we all enjoy – optimum oral health!

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[1] Donna Domino, Associate Editor


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