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How Smart is Your Phone?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on October 5, 2010 at 3:00 AM

We’re dental geeks into high-tech, just ask us. We’ll be all too happy to show you how cone-beam lasers, digital x-rays, or intraoral cameras improve your oral health care. Please, ask us – you know you want to know how dental technology is advancing…

Yeah, we hear you yawning from here.

While we know dental diagnostics, and cavity treatment are the hot topics of any dinner party or afternoon soiree worth attending, we’d like to take this opportunity to petition our patients and hear what they think – about phones, not dentistry.

We’re at a loss when it comes to all the apps, gadgetry, links, blogs, feeds, and tweets, we’re clueless. We’re just lucky we know enough to stumble around this facebook thing. Probably just enough to hurt ourselves…and forget about the phones. Although it is a constant point of debate both at home and in the office, we thought we’d ask  – what’s on your hip?

(Does wearing a phone on your hip immediately classify you as not hip?)

(Do people use the term ‘hip’ anymore??)

…oh well, more polls to come you can be sure of that~!

We can even see how this little unscientific research may help us better serve you in the future!See the recent dentistry by iPhone posting last week.


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