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In Sleep Apnea on October 23, 2010 at 4:00 AM

How can our dentists help us get a better night’s sleep?

Lots of things can cause sleeplessness; stress, anxiety, and yes – even the alignment of our jaw, or what dentists refer to as our “bite.” And what may be more shocking, is that even the position of our tongue can have a negative effect on our sleeping habits. Yes, our tongue.

Here’s some additional info for you to check out on your own time, but be on the lookout for some more insights on Oral Systemic Balance Therapy (OSB). OSB is a technique developed by Dr. Farrand Robson, which supports breathing. While traditional oral appliance therapy supports breathing during a patient’s sleep cycle, Oral Systemic Balance supports breathing while awake, or asleep.

Stress and Magnesium Levels

The Important Role of Nutritional Magnesium and Calcium Balance in Humans Living with Stress

New therapy allows predictable resolution of TMJ, Fibromyalgia and other related conditions
by Farrand C. Robson;col1

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine at Harvard

Your Guide to Healthy Sleep


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