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How Fast Can You Brush Your Teeth?

In Dental Products on December 3, 2010 at 4:00 AM

If you said 30 seconds or less, you may already have the scoop on a new generation of toothbrush. Either that or you must know people. Important people, the kind that get you on the A -list to the next Hollywood VIP only, soft release, down-low, speakeasy, sneak preview.

Faster is definitely not always better, especially when we’re talking about brushing our teeth. But if it’s in a Russell Crowe movie, than it has to be legit!

Le why?

Actually, we have no idea about the new 30 Second Smile™ toothbrush. All we can say is, ask your dentist what tools are best for your (twice) daily brushing. Go ahead ask…you know you want to.

And if you have a review of the 30 second smile™ brush, please clue everyone else in on the scoop! Let’s hear it… you have until The Next Three Days!


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