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Can a Great Smile Close the Deal?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on December 7, 2010 at 4:00 AM

A not so recent online poll conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry shed some light on an interesting trend in dentistry…Women make better dental patients!

Yes, we went there. And no, that’s not what the Academy of General Dentistry’s poll determined. The only thing their survey mentioned was that men are less likely to visit the dentist than their female counterparts.

However, the AGD article goes on to mention that men have begun (back in ‘07) to pay more attention to their teeth, the main reason being for professional reasons – seeking a job or advancement in their careers. Seems men never before figured a great smile actually affected their professional life, nevermind the personal life. Don’t say it ladies…

Here is your return on investment guys, a great smile equals:

 1.      A healthy mouth. And most likely better overall health that communicates you know how to take care of yourself…and your work, customers, co-workers…etc. Caveman tactics need not apply in business.

2.      Improved self-confidence; with the opposite sex or with your colleagues and customers, either way is good, we’re sure you’d agree.

3.      More visually appealing first impressions. Anchorman smile or caramel tooth? Either way it’s a memorable first impression, but you’re better than that.

4.      A great smile disarms people, that’s a good thing in business – yes?

 Ladies, help your man out – if he’s in need of some smile remodeling, get him to the dentist!

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