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Does Anyone Know a Good Dentist?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on February 1, 2011 at 4:30 AM

How about mechanic, attorney, physician, florist, or carpet cleaner?

According to, “1 in 5 relationships now start online.” That’s pretty crazy when you think about it, and it didn’t take that long to reach this point. Millions of connections have been made, some wildly successful and some probably not so much. The point here is the connection was made; the internet (and online dating communities) provided us this new opportunity to meet new people. 

But more importantly, the millions of people that access and participate in the online dating world took that opportunity and ran with it…to the tune of 1 in 5 relationships. How will that 1 in 5 number change in say five years? How about ten?

Our point – that we’re taking a circuitous route around – is with all this connection happening, surely some purely unscientific correlations can be made between dentistry and online dating.

How many of us have used Facebook to refer your dentist to close friends or family members?

Would You?

Most of us have probably called our friends or family members to ask them about their dentist. We’ve also probably sent an email or text message to see if anyone has a good dentist to recommend. 

The unscientific correlation here is obvious. Since we all spend way more time on Facebook than we really actually should, we can now employ our online social circles to assist in our quest for a trustworthy dentist.

Don’t be shy, get out there and participate. Don’t keep your dentist a secret any longer, and if they have a Facebook page – connect with them. It’s good to have friends that are dentists…and attorneys, physicians, mechanics, florists, and carpet cleaners…

We could all probably save some money too…


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