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Is the Face of Cosmetic Dentistry Changing?

In Cosmetic Dentistry on April 14, 2011 at 4:30 AM

It seems there is an ongoing debate out there about dentists offering Botox injections to patients. Is patient health and well-being at the forefront of this battle, or is the debate about the cosmetic application of Botox in the dental practice something else entirely?

That’s up to the medical boards and individual states to decide, but it does kinda seem like a natural progression of things. We can pay our bills from our mobile phone while waiting for our triple-dipped low-foam no-fat half-caf latte all while updating our Facebook status and catching up on the latest #Winning tweets from Charlie Sheen. What’s a little cosmetic procedure with your dental check-up?

Some states are scrambling to develop continuing educational requirements and some are even limiting dental practices from offering Botox for use in cosmetic procedures. But the fact is Botox has long been used in dentistry to treat TMD/TMJ and other dental problems – according to this recent article from detailing the Botox in dentistry debate in that state.

Here’s what The Doctors have to say:

And click here to read a story out of Cleveland where a migraine sufferer was treated with Botox injections by her dentist. The article goes on to mention how the treating dentist was quoted as saying, “I by no means believe that botox should be the first step in treating migraines. But it should definitely be considered when everything else fails.”

So we guess the argument is about the cosmetic application of Botox in the dental practice, if it’s used for more important treatments like TMJ and chronic migraines. And that’s only two examples. In this day and age is it really that big of a stretch to take some preventative wrinkle maintenance at the same time we’re getting the regular oral health checkup?

It seems like a perfect time saver for those patients that demand such a cosmetic service during their dental check-up. It also offers a level of discretion for those cosmetically inclined dental patients. Just picture it, you walk into the dental office for a regular check-up and have your wrinkles blasted away at the same time – and best of all nobody is the wiser!

Sure, maybe the cross section of the dental patient population we’re talking about here resembles more Housewives of Orange County more so than Middle America, but we all love choices.

What do the dental patients think?

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