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Can Justin Bieber Make Your Kids Brush Their Teeth?

In Dental Products on May 3, 2011 at 4:30 AM

The hottest news off the dental entertainment wire since David After Dentist, the new Justin Bieber signature toothbrush has arrived!

We can now take pleasure in expanding our twice daily ritual of mandatory brushing while enjoying our favorite Bieber tunes at the same time.  The best part is, all of this new and exciting dental news is not just for kids, teen and adult brushes are available too. Even if you’re not a music fan, it looks like there are other versions of talking and kid-centric toothbrushes available.

All joking aside, whatever gets kids to pay more attention to their oral health and possibly extend the time they take brushing their teeth, we’re all for it.

According to the Brush Buddies™ company website; on average a person only brushes their teeth for 45 – 75 seconds, far below the optimal 120 seconds. Even worse, the average person doesn’t even know how to properly brush and for how long.

And if any new Moms out there are wondering when to first start brushing, take it from the Academy of General Dentistry:

It’s never too early for parents to encourage their youngsters to start using toddler toothbrushes. “As soon as they’re reaching and grabbing for things, they’re ready for it,” says Academy of General Dentistry spokesperson Bob Roesch, DDS, MAGD. “It familiarizes children with having a toothbrush in their mouths, and they like to mimic their parents.”

“Parents need to be good role models,” says Dr. Roesch. “They need to take good care of their own teeth and make dental care part of the daily routine for the whole family.

Will the Bieber brush be part of your family’s daily dental health regimen?

Maybe it won’t be music to your ears every morning and every night, but at least your kids will be taking better care of their teeth. Or at least that’s the goal right?

What other possibilities could we imagine emanating from one of our most trusted and relied upon dental health accessories?

We can picture it now…the Oscar Mayer toothbrush with bologna flavored toothpaste.


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