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Is Your Dentist Too Expensive?

In Dental Care on June 14, 2011 at 4:30 AM

In today’s economy we’re looking to take advantage of every opportunity to save a dollar. Although health care should be a primary concern in any fiscal climate, even our thrice yearly dental appointments have recently fallen under some scrutiny.

With the next hot local deal instantly delivered to our email, mobile phone, personal skynet, heads-up display terminator type shades, and every other conceivable digital format; how can we possibly discount our dentistry?

Simple…take care of our teeth, and keep our regular dental appointments.

This deal will save us more money and time by staying one step ahead of the cavity creeps. Not only will regular dental appointments benefit our oral and overall health, but keeping our regular appointments will further prevent expensive treatment down the road.

It’s the whole ounce of prevention type deal.

Maybe for things like teeth whitening or a new patient exam, a dental deal might be a good thing to examine. And the deals are a plenty if you’re not happy with your regular dentist; from dental financing to dental rewards, there are an array options available.

Just remember, as a buyer you must always beware.

But beyond that, do we really want discount our dental health?

We Get What We Pay For

Out here in San Diego, the border is only a half-hour drive away. Droves of people flock across the border every week in search of a south of the border dental deal. Even if the cost of treatment is 50% of what it would be in the good ‘ol US of A, there are some pretty important facts to consider before brokering your optimal oral health.

We’ll leave it up to a way more trusted source to examine some reasons why dentistry costs here in the States are higher than say, Mexico. According to CBS MoneyWatch article, there are more than a few things to be considered before mortgaging your dental health in the interest of saving a few short-term bucks.

Oddly enough, the author recently penned a different article back in April – after her husband had a somewhat shocking dental realization. A couple of crowns was the plan, the cost was the sticking point.

Check out that article on dental health costs for some points on what we can ask our dentists next time we feel overwhelmed with the cost of our dental health.

And remember, as with everything else we devote our hard-earned dollars to, the quality usually directly correlates with the cost….we generally get exactly what we pay for…

With our dental and overall health, we feel quality trumps cost every time.

The next time we feel overwhelmed with the costs associated with our dental care, we’ll try to remember that!

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