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Can Your Dentist Throw a Knuckleball?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on June 28, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Dentists are getting lots of pub these days. From Verizon and Angieslist commercials to the Sunday Edition of the NY Times; it’s good to be a dentist in these days of digital connectivity and social search.

Long gone are the days when dentists were relegated to the social sidelines. From where we’re sitting in the cheap seats, dentistry has gone mainstream. It seems everywhere we look these days, dentists are in the mix.

With teeth floating tooth jockeys during derby season and filthy flinging knuckleballers of summer’s pastime, dentists are really showing off their skills!

Or are we just incredibly dental-centric in our observations?

From Super Dentists® on billboards to these two knuckleballin’ namesakes, we can rest easy knowing our dentists are on that wall, fending off the cavity creeps at every sip of energy drink and each gluttonous gulp of sugar-laden good food served in a hurry type grub.

If you think you’re dentist deserves a little social street cred, don’t be afraid to let the world know. There are certainly less important topics we share and discuss online every day. We needn’t make the mistake of thinking our dentists should be left out of the social lineup or scratched from the post parade just because…they’re our dentists.

The next time you see your dentist going above and beyond the call of tooth duty; don’t be afraid to share your social dental experience with the rest of us.

If that sounds weird, isn’t it weird how we often overlook or underplay the importance of optimal dental health in our everyday lives, even when it’s such an invariable part of our morning and (hopefully) nighttime routine?

If only we exercised, or relayed a kind word with the same frequency as our daily brushing and flossing regimen.

Wait, we all do brush and floss at least two times per day – correct?

OK, guilty over here. Flossing often goes the way of exercise…

When we choose to only devote energy toward promoting our dental health but two times per year, we’re only cheating ourselves.

Now maybe not all of us have the good fortune of having a dental celebrity work on our teeth, or an ex-NFL QB turned dental signal caller, but we’re positive there’s something about your dental experience that’s worthy of some instant replay on the social scoreboard.

What is it about your dentist that will get the fans cheering?

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