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Your Virtual Neighborhood Dentist

In Dental Care on June 30, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Facebook and Google are two of the major players in social media and online search, hopefully we don’t need a footnote for that claim.

But what does all this social search business have to do with us, the dental patients?

Image courtesy of Reuters

How we go about finding, researching, and ultimately connecting with our chosen neighborhood dentists has certainly evolved over the past few years. What used to pass from one actual in-person conversation now gets instantly beamed, transmitted, and digitally downloaded across the entire social search stratosphere.

Instead of only petitioning our inner circle over the phone or in person, we can now ask a question and have multiple answers in the time it takes to refresh the page.

If our dentists (and other health care providers) are digitally connected to our ever-expanding social circle of virtual friends, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that communication between doctor and patient would improve?

As a result, this improvement in communication must enable us both to learn more about each other. That’s gotta be a win-win situation for doctor and patient alike.

Of course all of this hunky dory healthcare communication hinges on one important point; participation.

Our participation as dental patients and their participation as trusted community dental health experts, will determine how warm and fuzzy all this social search healthcare chit-chat actually becomes.

The magic 8 ball says the future looks bright…

We’ve gone poll happy today, click the link to read more about Google’s latest foray into the social search maelstrom.


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