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The Dog Days of Summer

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on August 30, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Our dog has breath resembling something between burnt rubber and spoiled mackerel, how do we get rid of the awful smell?

As it turns out, this past weekend was National Dog Day – August 26th to be precise.

A fitting present for our pampered pooches may have been a trip to the vet to get those crusty chompers cleaned and polished. But sometimes the cost of that little present turns into a big deal.

A big hurdle for a lot of dog owners – and people – when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health, is the cost associated with a canine teeth cleaning session.

We’ve heard all sorts of crazy estimates, from a few hundred dollars to over $800. And while taking a short term loan to have the dog’s teeth cleaned may seem excessive, people do it.

The main reason probably being how much a part of our families our pets have become. We know they deserve every bit of love and care we can muster, it’s just when that care starts to cost and arm and a leg, we start pulling our hair out and chew the furniture.

Whichever method of canine teeth cleaning we choose, anything is better than nothing.

Just like with our own teeth and gums, if we fail to maintain proper oral health habits for our beloved canines, not only will the condition of their teeth and gums deteriorate, we will also wind up spending way more money to fix what we’ve been ignoring for so long when the problems become significant enough to no longer warrant ignorance.

So how can we possibly maintain our trusted family member’s oral health, without breaking the bank?

1. Talk to friends and family…or people at the dog park. Ask them if they have their pet’s teeth cleaned, where they go and how much they fork over for the service.

2. Ask your vet. You can always just start the conversation, even if it ends in a $900 estimate; at least you’ve exhausted the option or possibly even negotiated a more palatable price.

3. Poll your Facebook friends – or throw a ‘Question’ out there asking for canine oral health care! This method will probably deliver immediate feedback, just be sure to remind everyone that you need someone in your immediate area. A referral about the best vet in a town that’s 1300 miles away doesn’t help Fido freshen his breath.

4. DIY – depending on how comfortable you are brushing your dog’s teeth, you may want to tackle the job yourself. Check out this vid…

Whatever we do to ensure our dogs teeth are taken care of, one thing is certain; we’ll be a lot more willing to let them slobber us with kisses if their teeth and gums are health and clean!

And we will spend less money in the long run by properly maintaining optimal oral health for all of our family members.


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