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What Lindsay Lohan’s Visit to the Dentist Can Teach Us

In Dental Celebrities on October 18, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Have you seen Lindsay Lohan’s new teeth?

How embarrassing it must be to have your sappy, somewhat discolored smile, splattered across the tabloid headlines from here to Timbuktu.

With the speed at which information (read: gossip) travels these days, we all could have witnessed this Hollywood transformation in real-time.

We all could have eye spied Lindsay’s brighter, whiter smile come streaming across the screen of our mobile phones even before she was frantically hitting the ‘close door’ button on the elevator, in attempt to evade the paparazzi outside her dental office .

No matter your perceived presupposition toward the subjects in discussion, one Ms. Lindsay Lohan & dental hygiene; that kind of publicity is difficult to swallow, even despite the accompanying positive PR spin opportunities available.

Just think how Lindsay’s recent foray across the tabloids and dental blogs could actually do some good this October by advancing dental hygiene awareness!

With just one astutely timed, strategically hashtagged tweet, Lindsay could let all her followers know how good her dentist is with visual before and after proof!


Photo Courtesy of

Lindsay – or her various stable of proxies could refute all the piling on so intrinsic with Hollywood and the media in general, by educating the rest of us on just how dangerous smoking cigarettes combined with poor oral health habits can be.

Lindsay could even get some social local dental-centric sharing started by letting all her Facebook fans know the truth…

Taking care of our teeth and gums need not be expensive, inconvenient, or uncomfortable!

Even with all the dental pain management procedures now making a root canal feel like a walk in the park, not adhering to a simple daily hygiene regimen will guarantee us pain in the future… to our wallets!

Here are some more daily hygiene tips, courtesy of & The Academy of General Dentistry: 

Hygiene tips for a stellar smile:

  • Brush with the radio on – dentists recommend brushing for the entire length of a song.
  • Use fluoridated, antimicrobial toothpastes and mouth rinses. They help to make the tooth structure resistant to decay.
  • Keep oral hygiene products at work. Studies show that the chance of a person using them during the day will increase 65 percent.
  • Talk to your dentist about new products you’re using, as all products are not suited for all people.
  • Skip the caffeine. Avoiding caffeine before a dental appointment can make you less anxious.
  • Communicate. Use hand signals to inform the dentist that you are uncomfortable, and talk to your dentist about your specific fears.







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