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Would This Help Us Keep More Dental Appointments?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on December 6, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Please don’t jump all over us for this one, we have nothing to do with the concept and we’re not trying to publicize Taiwanese Dentistry du jour or expound on Jennifer Aniston’s dental dominatrix display in recent Hollywood cinema.

It was a dental-centric story out of Taiwan, which reports how successful a few women dentists have been at playing up this ‘sexy dentist’ angle that prompted this dental discussion.

Seems hordes of Taiwanese men are lining up at their door for dental exams, with some actually looking to return to the dentist before the next appointment is even needed.

Is a sexy dentist the answer to our neglected dental health here in America?

Despite the angle of the Taiwanese story, this isn’t some chauvinistic piece directed only at the men. On the contrary, we’d be willing to wager that more than a few women out there wouldn’t be too shy about seeing a sexy soap opera character dentist when they need a cleaning, exam, and x-ray. Give the Gift of a Healthy Smile, Save 10% to 60% on Dental Care. Visit

Shoot…we’re of the opinion the male dentists would do better than the female dentists here in the States!

Generally speaking, at least when it comes to dentistry, guys are lazy – no matter what the allure.

Now we have no data, research, or even a footnote to back that claim up, and maybe we’re just playing that angle to elicit some response, but would the majority of women out there agree (generally speaking, of course)?

Just remember ladies, we’re only talking about laziness with regards to dentistry!!

Women seem to care more about maintaining proper oral health in the first place, and it’s our bet they’d be more likely to popularize the sexy dentist trend more so than the men.

Maybe our dentists could take a tip from the Taiwanese and turn on the charm to tune in their patients more!

What do you think…would a sexy dentist possibly enhance our dental office visit, and in turn improve our collective oral health?

Here are 3 reasons why we feel a sexy dentist can improve the health of our teeth and gums:

  1. Patients will be captivated, enabling seamless communication and further education.
  2. Bad news – like a root canal – sounds way better.
  3. Missed appointments will be a thing of the past.

Is all this sexy dentist talk just way too subjective to actually have any measurable impact on the health and wellness of our teeth and gums?

Don’t tell that to this dentist!


Disclaimer: We actually have zero idea about the content in the abovementioned video, as we do not speak Mandarin, Cantonese, or Taiwanese – or any derivative dialect therein. We just thought it would be a lighthearted topic to discuss on a slow dental news Tuesday.


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