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Can Music Take Away Dental Pain?

In Dental Anxiety on January 3, 2012 at 4:30 AM

Forget Novocain, Lidocain HCl, nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia…all we need is some good tunes to wash away the pain we sometimes feel while sitting in the dental chaise.

Even just the fear of pain keeps too many people away from the dentist.

So if you haven’t got time for the pain, or is the anticipayayshun is killing you…all you need to do is lose yourself in the music to cure your dental anxiety!

Says Who?

Don’t just take our word for it; ask your dentist if they offer headphones, DVDs, Wi-Fi, iPads, Xooms, PlayBooks, Kindles, or some type of tunes.

And yes, this music to your dental pain ears comes from a very credible source.

This recent scientific dental specific news highlighting the benefits of music as an anxiety reducer comes directly from the Journal of Pain.

Crazy as the name sounds; the Journal of Pain is published by a legit medical consortium – The American Pain Society.

You can click over to an abstract of the published article here to read how music engagement reduces pain responses, but how personality factors like anxiety and absorption modulate the magnitude of effect.
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Maybe your dentist is still in the Sony Walkman or Muzak ages when it comes to enhancing your dental experience, and that’s OK – just as long as the procedures and medical technology is up to snuff.

If not, run away.

Dental practices these days are decked out with all kinds of creature comfort accoutrements, but if your dentist is still using chloroform and kicking the pedal on the dental drill press, give them some constructive criticism.

Technology is merging with advancements in dental patient care, not just clinically but with practice communications as well.

Odds are if your dentist is on Facebook, your dental patient experience is already sublime!

Now go find your dentist on Facebook – and give them a ‘Like’ if you feel like going to the dentist is no skin off your teeth!

Happy New Year!



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