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How Can Colored Toothpaste Make Kids Brush Their Teeth on the Regular?

In Dental Care, Kids on November 10, 2011 at 4:30 AM

We all know the deal; it’s one of the first little white lies our kids try to slip past us.

“Did you brush your teeth?” How Can Colored Toothpaste Make Kids Brush Their Teeth on the Regular?


And so it begins. For those of us lucky enough to have teenagers we can certainly appreciate these seedlings of debatable discourse taking root so early.

First it’s “Did you brush your teeth, “next it’s “Why are you late?”…and everything in between.

Our kids somehow, when confronted with direct questioning of a proposed wrongdoing, develop word parsing skills worthy of the next Presidential candidate.

Is Colored Toothpaste the Answer?

It all starts with a toothbrush, but parents develop some skills to combat this toothbrush aversion.

Maybe it’s the investigatory skills more along the lines of Sherlock Homes sniffing than Bill Clinton wordspeak, but this development and adaptation guards us against the impetuous gameplay environment of parenthood.

We find ourselves looking for physical proof of tooth brushing by feeling the bristles for dampness, or examining the sink for evidence of toothpaste remnants.

But what if we take a new approach to the age-old problem of getting our kids to brush their teeth?

Enter the Vortex!

According to a company press release, the new dental breakthrough, Vortex Toothpaste, makes kids want to brush their teeth longer and more vigorously thanks to a fun color-changing process. How Can Colored Toothpaste Make Kids Bursh Their Teeth on the Regular?

Here’s the best part, it was invented by a dentist!

The press release goes on to mention:

“By brushing vigorously, kids delight in watching the toothpaste change color,” says Dr. Wright. “The color change is accomplished not through a chemical reaction, but by simple optics.”

Vortex Toothpaste also has an emphasis on natural ingredients, and contains no sodium-lauryl-sulfate or SLS, a common foaming agent.

“When brushing with conventional toothpaste,” says Dr. Wright, “children find that the heavy foaming makes breathing through the mouth difficult, making the experience frightening. Remove the SLS, make it change color, and you have kids wanting to brush their teeth.”

You should really click over and Vortex a ‘Like’ on their Vortex Facebook page, and check out the press release and company website for the complete story on Dr. Howard Wright.

It reportedly took him 10 years to develop Vortex Toothpaste, and this isn’t his first invention.

How Can Colored Toothpaste Make Kids Brush Their Teeth on the Regular?

This is NOT the whistle Dr. Wright invented!~

His website mentions how Twenty years ago, the retired dentist and scuba-diving enthusiast patented the Storm safety whistle, which can be heard up to 50 feet underwater and is the loudest whistle in the world.

Definitely an interesting dentist!

This could be the most telling quote from Dr. Wright in the battle of getting our kids to brush their teeth regularly, or in getting your invention to market:

“The easiest way to deal with someone who says your idea is impossible,” says Dr. Wright, “is to deal with someone else.”

Good on ya Dr. Wright!

Maybe the easiest way to get our kids to brush their teeth tonight for the requisite 2 minutes 2x per day, is to change our tactics to colored toothpaste!

What do you think?


Avoiding a Halloween Nightmare for Kids with Braces

In Dental Care, Kids on October 31, 2011 at 11:06 AM

Halloween is one of our kids’ most favorite holidays, they get to play dress up, and eat candy in quantities massive enough to make a Conehead jealous. What we often forget to realize when preaching optimal oral health, is that some kids have it tougher than others.

Sure it’s easy for parents to say, “don’t forget to brush your teeth!” But is it easy for our kids that wear braces to turn down these sugary treats, if only for one day?

Of course not, they have to deal with increased levels of candy craziness. Every other day of the year is a piece of cake for the braces wearer. Halloween on the other hand, now that’s a challenging day for our kids out there with braces standing in the way of confectionary indulgence and the tacky toothsome treats so readily available. Avoiding_Halloween_Nightmares_for_Kids_with_Braces

Hard candies, chewy taffy, even hard pretzels can wreck your child’s braces.

Do you want to pay for braces more than once?

Would your child prefer a longer sentence in their braces?

Here’s some trick or treating tips straight from the mouths at

 What to Avoid and What to Look For

“If it’s sticky, chewy, hard or crunchy, it’s a food that anyone wearing braces or retainers should avoid,” says Dr. Lee W. Graber, orthodontist and president of the American Association of Orthodontists.  The AAO urges patients to steer clear of the following Halloween treats, or recipes with these ingredients:

  • All hard candies
  • All chewy candies
  • Caramel
  • Nuts
  • Licorice
  • Taffy
  • Jelly beans
  • Hard pretzels
  • Bubblegum
  • Popcorn (including unpopped kernels)
  • Taco chips
  • Ice

Of course, Halloween does not have to be completely treat-less.

Braces-friendly Halloween treats can help orthodontic patients enjoy the “spook-ta-cular” holiday.

For example, plain chocolate candy is okay, provided the orthodontic patient remembers to brush and floss afterwards.

Avoiding_Halloween_Nightmares_for_Kids_with_BracesBobbing for apples as well as caramel apples are not recommended for orthodontic patients…however, patients can enjoy thinly sliced apples, dipped in yogurt or creamy chocolate sauce.

Orthodontists suggest looking for foods that are soft, such as soft chocolate that can melt in one’s mouth, not in their hands…or the two great tastes that go great together; peanut butter cups.

Overall, candies that aren’t sticky, chewy, hard or crunchy are generally acceptable.

Good luck finding some!

Top 10 Healthy Halloween Treats

In Dental Care, Kids on October 27, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Our dentists told us it’s OK to eat candy – just not if we have braces, or loose fillings, or abscessed molars, or a toothache, headache, jaw pain, or any other dental malady.

And we should try to stay away from the real sugary stuff, or sticky, gooey, and tacky treats. top_10_healthy_halloween_treats

You know what, the crunchy, hard, and chewy stuff too, while we’re at it.

And we need to be sure to brush our teeth before bedtime…does this sound familiar at all??

If we remove all of that from our kids’ trick or treat bags, what’s going to be left?

Nobody likes healthy treats, at least not on Halloween…au contraire mon maman.

It’s all in the presentation and outside stimulus control; we need to get deep inside the minds of our kids, and rattle around some pots and pans in their mental kitchen.

Parents need to flip the script for once.

To that end, we’ve compiled this Top 10 List of Healthy Halloween Treats.

Good luck passing off a pretzel for a peanut butter cup, or a blueberry for a Butterfinger®! top_10_healthy_halloween_treats

Hey, we’re not here to discuss how to get our kids to nosh on the healthy treats, and not the sugar laden incendiary adrenaline provoking candied belly bombs we all had in our bags when we were younger.

We’ll leave that up to the mommy bloggers and not so silly nannies.

  1. Pretzels – there’s all kinds now, we don’t just need to pick between Rold Gold® and Bachman’s®.
  2. Apples – candy ‘em up, drizzle in caramel or almond butter, and roll in some crushed nuts.
  3. Beef Jerky – not the slimmer portable hand-held salt stix, real beef jerky, get the hot stuff and freak ‘em out a bit.
  4. Goldfish – you know the kind our grandparents remember…starts with a P ends with a Farm…not the swimming kind.
  5. Popcorn – could kinda get expensive to hand out the micro corn, but it’s healthier.
  6. Raisins – really? a box of stinkin’ raisins? – how bout bake some oatmeal cookies and give ‘em something to pound down immediately.
  7. Nuts & Seeds – yeah, real fun, just throw out a bird feeder and let ‘em go nuts!
  8. Dried Fruit – isn’t that raisins? make up your own treat bags, grab the boring ol’ nuts and raisins and throw the crusty dry fruit in there. Voila!
  9. Snack Packs for Little Jack – anything snack size like animal crackers, graham crackers, baked potato chips, or baked cheese crackers by the name of something we’re not getting paid to promote.
  10. Cheese (or PB) & Crackers – you know those convenient little things with the baton rouge…I could go for one right now.

Is that it?

It is.

Be forewarned, this sleight of hand toddler trickeration will require expert level negotiating skills and win-win solutions.

Most often these negotiations fall well short of parents intended expectations.

But that won’t happen to you. top_10_healthy_halloween_treats

The fact remains, in our household Halloween is candy time. Happy Halloween Moms and Kids – and everyone else too!

Have fun and be safe this Halloween. Just because it’s a day to dress up doesn’t mean our collective common sense needs to goes out the window.

But if you require an alternative to dental health insurance for the next round of exams/check-ups/cleanings/and x-rays, go ahead and click this link to save some moneyon your next bout with the cavity creeps!

And please SLOW down if you’re driving, the kids are so hopped up on sugar they can jump out of nowhere like little spider monkeys!

Please feel free to post your favorite healthy Halloween treats to our Facebook Wall, the only way to defeat the cavity creeps is to present a united front!