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Chicklet Teeth…Remarkable?

In Teeth Whitening on April 12, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Until we read this article on the, we didn’t think having Chicklet Teeth was a good thing.

In reading the article, it seems a local attorney was rather displeased the appearance of his teeth. Maybe not so displeased as to sick the legal dogs on anyone, just generally unhappy with the way his teeth looked and what he could do about it. Specifically, the article mentioned the man being unhappy and embarrassed with the shade of his teeth, even after having them professionally whitened. We figured it’s a good time to review some teeth whitening options.

Whether we’re talking at home treatments, which the aforementioned attorney credits with effectively whitening his teeth, or tooth whitening procedures performed in the dental office, there are many options out there to fit any budget. We surmise a standard caveat with any tooth whitening would be, “results may vary.”

If it’s due to tobacco use, coffee, or colas, it’s our guess some methods of tooth whitening can yield better results than others. Sometimes at home treatments can magically transform your dull looking smile into a cheeky anchor person grin, and sometimes the help of a professional is required. Our dentists can best prescribe an effective tooth whitening treatment plan, or we can go it alone and walk the aisles of the local supermarket. The options range from whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, to high-tech gels and sophisticated lasers to zap away years of autumn colored sheen. While teeth whitening methods and results vary, one thing is certain, if your smile is more reminiscent of Austin Powers more so than Steve Austin, you have bigger fish to fry. And, probably more serious dental problems to address before any cosmetic tooth whitening procedures.

According to; at about age thirty, there’s a natural dimming of dentin beneath your tooth enamel. If you smoke or drink coffee or colas, all the exercise and low-fat foods can’t hide the yellowing effect. Your smile will give your age away.

If you have questions about what tooth whitening or bleaching method is best for you, ask your dentist.

And if you’ve experienced some similar results with your chicklets, let’s hear it!