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The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on April 26, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Do you know your dental hygienists first name?

Do you really know your dentist?

Do they have a family?

Do they live locally?

Where did they go to school?

Any hobbies, charitable contributions, or other outside-of-dentistry interests?

Have they ever performed emergency surgery on a shark attack victim?

In our never ending quest to promote locally identifiable and socially connected dentistry, we’ve chosen to examine the dental patient and dental practice relationship with this meaningless blog post. Screenings for oral cancer and the top 5 best tasting mouthwashes are interesting and all, but we want to delve into the people that make up our dental experience. The people on the front lines, our chosen dental practices we trust, the dedicated professionals battling the cavity creeps at every turn, these are the everyday heroes we wish to recognize.

We may not think going to the dentist is a leisurely activity, and we may not necessarily look to meet new people at our thrice annual teeth cleaning and check-up, but wouldn’t it make you feel better if you could answer such pedestrian questions about your dentist?

Believe it or not, most of us couldn’t answer these questions if it meant free teeth whitening for life!

But that doesn’t mean we should remain this clueless about the people in charge of treating our gum disease, cavities, and root canals. Following our intensely researched and purely unscientific thesis polling Moms in grocery store lines, college students buzzing on caffeine, and singles out mingling, we’ve determined people know more about their baristas than their dentists. Surely this has to be a geographical thing. Big cities will take coffee over dentistry any day, and they’re entirely too busy to be concerned with such trivial matters such as “the dentist’s office.” And small towns already know their dentist on a more personal level anyway, because everyone in small towns knows and likes each other. Right?

We think not. And we can all do better!

Mini earpiece wearing urban sophisticates, financially strapped college students, Sherman Tank driving Soccer Moms, and rosy-cheeked Normal Rockwell subjects; we all have one thing in common – or anywhere from 1 to 32 things in common…our teeth.

Even denture wearers can unite over something other than a Martha Raye or Mrs. Brady television commercial!

Take care of them, treat them right, and for goodness sake take some interest in the people interested in taking care of yours. Couldn’t we all appreciate things more if we knew there was some commonality between us?

Check out this most uncommon dentist – emergency surgery and a shark attack while on a surfing vacation in Fiji!

If you know something too-cool about your dentist, please share it. And if you have some questions for your dentist that we didn’t ask, please speak up. And please, take an active interest in your dentist and everyone involved in maintaining your optimum dental health.

As the Mouthwash Swirls…

In Dental Products on September 29, 2010 at 3:00 AM

Is it real or is it Memorex®?

According to recent FDA warnings apparently some companies are making quite the boastful claims when it comes to their mouthwash products. Is it crafty, effective advertising or simply smoke and mirrors – how say you?

We figured we’d ask all of our Facebook visitors:

a)      their favorite mouthwash – and

2)      if any of the news relating to the recent mouthwash expose` has stuck in your craw any?

Advertising can sometimes be misleading, especially when it comes to health & beauty products. But then again, isn’t advertising what makes us buy our favorite products in the first place?

Apparently the claims of preventing cavities and fighting visible plaque above the gum line were too close for FDA comfort. Here’s an excerpt of the letter written – and hand delivered – to Walgreens:



Mr. Gregory D. Wasson
President and CEO
Walgreen Company

Dear Mr. Wasson:
This letter is in reference to the Walgreen Mouth Rinse Full Action distributed by your firm. The label for this product makes the following claims: “Freshens breath, Helps prevent cavities, Restores enamel, Helps strengthen teeth, Helps kill germs that cause bad breath, Helps fight visible plaque above the gum line.”

Click here for the rest of the legalese letter. And lest we not just single out Walgreens; Johnson & Johnson and CVS are also recent recipients of FDA warning letters delivered earlier this week.

Do you feel duped?

Do you believe everything you read, hear, see…say?

Is any of this of any significance to you at all?

Do you even use mouthwash?

Are you still reading this?

Good, you are the brand new owner of shiny new toothbrush!..

Made deliverable on your next office visit…to the first Facebook Fan that comments on this story. Scathing sarcasm, in-depth coverage, or frivolous folly – take your best shot, it’s all in good fun.

Now don’t everyone flood us with comments all at once. May we remind you of the great toothbrush shortage of ’51 – there was nary a bristle to be found. And the morning breathe was thick and humid – like LA smog.

No, a new toothbrush isn’t something to be taken lightly. A new toothbrush is to be cherished, as the valuable link to optimum oral health that it is. Not simply a tool for polishing the chompers, but a refined instrument of dental decay defense!

Hurry up and get your free whacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man toothbrush now! All for the low low price of….

Sorry, all the advertising talk has us channeling our inner Mad Men. And maybe you can’t swirl these concoctions like mouthwash, but who’d want to – enjoy this list of classic 60’s cocktails!

Tell Us What You Really Think

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on September 5, 2010 at 3:00 AM

What’s your favorite toothpaste?

Do you floss regularly?


How about those disposable toothbrushes – thumbs up or thumbs down?

What was one thing that bothered you about your smile that was easily treated and corrected? How did it make you feel?

Even though we won’t use this place to suggest products, or recommend one brand over the other – we want to hear what you think. Maybe we have a big bully in the office fish tank, perhaps you prefer the cherry over the mint tooth polish…these are these things that make us tick. We’re in the business of delivering optimum oral health to our community; it’s OK for us to be fanatical about teeth, fluoride, floss, and all that good stuff.

We’ll be sure to communicate our practice suggestions for whatever you like following your regular office visit. And if you have a question we haven’t answered, just ask.

PS – for a laugh, check out this new site we came across recently: