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Why is Charlie Sheen’s Dentist #Winning?

In Dental Humor - Oxymoron? on January 10, 2012 at 4:30 AM

Despite the overdose of all things Charlie Sheen in 2011, we’d like to take this opportunity to commend the much-maligned thespian (depending on your view of much-maligned) for tackling some nagging dental health issues in 2012.

According to some recent tabloid TV-slash-world-wide-webternet-gossip-giants – &, seems Mr. Sheen reached out to long-time dental connection, Dr. Kevin Sands – also known as the “Dentist to the Stars.”

From this photo here, we can no longer see the formerly missing molar…or was it an incisor? 

Why is Charlie Sheen's Dentist Winning
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A gap toothed smile is no way to land your next TV role, endorsement deal, or any kind of gainful employment!

Key Takeaways

Form follows function with a missing tooth and cosmetic dentistry.

Maybe we’re all not so lucky to have a dentist to the stars on speed dial, but we could all be so lucky as to have a dentist that cares enough the share the important dental health news more than the two times per year we’re actually sitting in their chair.

So the next time your dentist cares enough to send a postcard or text message, or even a friend request on Facebook, don’t be so quick to dismiss the opportunity to save money on regular dental care, and/or cosmetic dentistry elective services.

And give your dentist some social dental street cred; subscribe to their blog, leave them a review online, post a message to their Facebook wall, follow them on Twitter…you never know, it could mean reduced dental health costs in your near future.

Don’t let the dental paparazzi catch you with a less than stellar smile!

Top 5 Reasons Why Dental Tourism is NOT the Ticket to Savings

In Dental Tourism on November 3, 2011 at 4:30 AM

The economy is in the tank these days and Americans are making swift budget cuts on everything from date nights to decadent desserts.

Dentistry of course, is not too far behind on the list. But that should be at least one thing we must not forego in this time of financial strain, our regularly scheduled dental appointments.

And that’s not just to fill space in some socially sharing local dentistry blog post. Seriously, it will cost us more money to not go to the dentist. dental_tourism

Maintaining regular dental appointments allows our dentists and hygienists to catch any oral malady early, and to take care of it with minimal pain experienced on our part – both physical and financial.

If we choose to ignore our unsightly smile, or the slight little annoying tinges of tooth pain, matters will only get worse.

This will then require more time, materials, and labor to deal with – increasing the cost of our deferred dental treatment. We will feel a greater degree of pain than if we had not ignored optimal oral health in place of making excuses and blaming the economy.

It’s a fact; ignoring optimal oral health now will only cost us more money in the future!

Is Dental Tourism the Answer?

Maybe you too could have the dental vacation of a lifetime, previously reserved for heads of state or international rock stars. If Steven Tyler can do the dental tourism thing, why can’t we?

Do you think Steven Tyler actually chose to travel outside the U.S. to get his dental treatment, voluntarily? dental_tourism

While in Paraguay getting ready to perform at a local concert, Mr. Tyler felt dizzy and fell in his hotel room.

Two new dental implants later, and he’s back to belting out Bostonian ballads.

But, it wasn’t an Aerosmith dental vacation en masse or even a dental tourism jaunt on Mr. Tyler’s part – it was basically a dental emergency, and it just happened to take place in the South American country of Paraguay.

Surely Mr. Tyler’s army of publicists, traveling medical practitioner(s), manager(s), personal assistant(s), or extended entourage must have properly vetted the dental practitioner in charge of jockeying the front man’s teeth back together.

If only the rest of us could afford the luxury of having such an entourage.

Here are 5 reasons why we feel dental tourism is not the answer to our collective dental budget crisis.

1. Communication: If we’re going to a foreign country, communication will certainly be an issue. Maybe we have relatives there, or perhaps we even speak the language, or are lucky enough to have a friend in the country.

But as with all international travel, at some point communication will be an issue. Do we really want those issues compounding our dental health issues?

2. Education & Accreditation: The dentists themselves may have been trained and educated in the States, but was their entire staff?

How about complications, emergency procedures, safeguards, and pain management procedures?

3. Materials & Procedures: Do we know where our dentists in the States have their crowns fabricated, or where they purchase their instruments, or who manufactures their meds?

Probably not, but we can ask…communication shouldn’t be an issue. We can also take comfort in knowing we have laws and regulations protecting us, at least here in the United States.

4. What if: Who knows, there’s too many what ifs…do we want to be away from friends, family, and home when a ‘what if’ turns into a ‘that just happened?’

5. Recourse: Here’s another, what if something happens…what recourse will we have with a medical procedure performed outside of the United States?

More questions than answers?

If you’re considering travel abroad for a medical procedure, or a just dental tourism jaunt across the border; do yourself, your wallet, and your family a favor.

Learn as much as you can about the who, what, where, why, how, and what ifs!

How Dogs Help Dental Patients Cope with Dental Anxiety

In Dental Anxiety on September 29, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Dental appointments are often put off, rescheduled, or dismissed altogether – much to the detriment of not only our optimal oral health, but also to our dentists’ self-confidence.

Picture how it would affect you to realize that people only come to see you when they need something.

We don’t think that’s fair, or even nice.

Never mind the disservice you’re doing to yourself by neglecting proper dental care, you’re only hurting yourself there.

But please don’t contribute to the anti-dentite sentiments still systemic throughout society!

Change starts at home…and in the doghouse. how_dogs_help_dental_patients_cope_with_dental_anxiety

Whether it’s fear of pain that keeps you away from the dental office, finances, social anxiety disorder, or simply just a rampant dislike for your teeth and gums, one fact remains undeniable; skipping dental appointments will only cost you more pain and financial discomfort in the future – when something unavoidable arises in your mouth.

Would the company of a trusted pet calm your nerves in the dental office?

Sure, aromatherapy combined with relaxation therapy certainly helps calm the nerves, and sedation dentistry can allow anxious patients the luxury of undergoing years of neglected dental work in a single twilight induced appointment.

And I.V. sedation helps those extreme cases of dental anxiety, or assists with special needs cases a great deal.

But there has to be other options out there…but where?

One interesting way a Palo Alto dentist offers relief for anxious dental patients is gaining lots of attention lately.

how_dogs_help_dental_patients_cope_with_dental_anxietyAs it turns out, more dental practices around the country are following suit.

They’re actually employing the family canine as a type of relaxation therapy for anxious patients during their office visit.

Yes, there is actually a dog in the dental office, even right there in the chair with patients!

Buster is there to comfort people who may experience anxiety before and during their dental appointments.

We love it!

Check out ‘Bay Area Buster’ and go ahead and give his Facebook page a ‘Like’ while you’re at it

Basically, some people feel as if the dentist appointment will surely involve pain, or at least discomfort.

It’s OK to feel that way, we understand.

But, things have changed a great deal, and patient comfort and experience in particular have really changed since the times of the kick drill and the spit sink.

Our comfort is among one of our dentists’ primary concerns. We think doggie dental concierge is a great idea to help reduce patient anxiety – share yours!

How can your dental office visit be more enjoyable, less stressful, or more convenient?

Would having the loving, calming presence of the family canine calm your anxious dental nerves?

The first person to share their thoughts on our Facebook page gets a free lolly…or pig’s ear! J

(BTW – Pain is virtually a thing of the past, if you don’t believe us, just ask your dentist!)