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Beyond the Smile: Cosmetic Dentistry & Self-Esteem

In Cosmetic Dentistry on January 12, 2012 at 4:30 AM

Now that we’ve settled into 2012 without a sun spot induced radiation storm or a cataclysmic world-ending cosmic event, let’s get back to what’s important…taking care of ourselves.

In this age of total health and wellness, sometimes vanity wins out over practicality.

Sure, it’s nice to show off that anchor person smile and get compliments about how nice our teeth look, but the benefits of cosmetic dentistry go so much deeper.

We’d like to take this opportunity to showcase a touchingly genuine cosmetic dental patient video recently published from Dr. Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S. – a practicing New York City cosmetic dentist and weekly contributor at the Huffington Post.

Congratulations on your new smile Johanna, you look great!

No matter if it’s a full mouth reconstruction or a complete smile makeover, there is just as much function following form when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and the health of our teeth & gums…at least there should be.

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How do you leave the dentist – uncomfortable and in pain, or happy to show off your smile?

What’ll it Be, Smile Makeover or Harmonious Symmetry…ask Kate Middleton

In Dental Celebrities on November 29, 2011 at 7:40 AM

According to recent reports from across the pond, Kate Middleton underwent some cutting edge cosmetic dentistry to shape up her sassy royal smile.

It has widely been clamored about in the tabloids from Beverley Hills to Buckingham Palace, how the Duchess of Cambridge discreetly managed to tweak her smile without having exposed the dentist responsible for the glimmering teeth transformation.

But instead of opting for the total white bright anchor-person chicklet smile, the Duchess favored a more realistic and natural approach.

Supposedly, the Queen-to-be in question owes all the credit to a French dentist who specializes in an area of cosmetic dentistry he coins, “harmonious symmetry.”

What'll it Be, Smile Makeover or Harmonious Symmetry...ask Kate Middleton

Photo Credit: Getty Images Archive, The Telegraph

That just sounds nice, doesn’t it – harmonious symmetry?

“What’ll it be today Mrs. Haversham, harmonious symmetry or porcelain veneers?”

We can just hear it now, sit down in our dentists’ chair, and it’s;

“What if we could give your smile the harmoniously balanced symmetry of say a Kate Middleton, is that something in which you might be interested?”

“We also have the George Hamilton whitening package available, it’s a sharply contrasting treatment regime of around the clock tanning and super enhanced laser teeth whitening designed to make your smile pop and your skin wrinkle…”

Aside from having a way with words, the Duchess’ cosmetic dental work was reportedly carried out by Didier Fillion, a London-based dental surgeon.

According to the article on, his close friend and colleague Bernard Touati has said Dr. Fillion’s work on the Duchess involved “micro-rotations” of her teeth to create an improved, but still natural look.

Touati said: “They aren’t absolutely aligned. In the United States, they want teeth that are symmetrical, monochromatic, artificial.

“He (Fillion) did some little micro-rotations on Kate Middleton so that it looks like a natural, healthy smile, but not artificial.”

We’re guessing the dentist’s friend is helping get the word out on harmonious symmetry, as Dr. Fillion is probably restricted by patient confidentiality. But who knows, we’re not solicitors, or attorneys either for that matter.

There are plenty of options available to us as dental patients when it comes to teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, or complete full mouth reconstruction. And we don’t have to sell the royal jewels to shape up our smiles, as procedures vary so do costs.

Our best bet is to talk to our dentists, ask them what’s best for us, how we can pay for an afordable smile solution, and how drastic the effects may be,  and together reach a workable cosmetic smile improvement regimen!

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So which side of the cosmetic dentistry debate do you favor?

Will it be harmonious symmetry of balanced imperfection, or the clean sleek lines of a traditionally American cosmetic smile makeover?

Are we still talking about dentistry..

Top 5 Questions to Ask in Your Search for a New Dentist – Part Deux

In Dental Care on September 22, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Searching for a new dentist can be prompted by lots of variables, depending on where we’re at in life.

For some of us, moving to a new town or city has us again on the search for a trusted, reliable, and professional dental practice. Others simply have had it up to you know where with their current not so trusted, reliable, or professional dentist. top_5_questions_to_ask_when_searching_for a_new_dentist

We hope that’s not the case with anyone reading this socially sharing local dentistry blog post.

Some people go on the search for a cosmetic dentist that specializes in divorcee smile makeovers.

Some seek a doctor well known for placing dental implants, and surely some of us look for a dental practice that accepts our insurance.

Whatever the prerequisites are in your personal dental search, we thought it fitting to bring you Part II of the top 5 questions you can ask in your search for a qualified, reputable, and socially communicative dental practice.

Being socially communicative is important to you, right?

What’s a dental practice these days if they’re not on Facebook?

top_5_questions_to_ask_when_searching_for_a_new_dentistSee if these questions jibe with real life experience in your quest for a social local dentist.

What sort of advanced continuing educational opportunities does the practice take part in, above and beyond any state requirements?

With technology advancing faster than we can keep pace a lot of times, it’s important to know what kind of continuing education policies exist at our chosen dental practice.

Our new dentist’s responsibility to continuing education is a good indicator of their commitment to our surrounding community. State requirements differ, and amassing umpteen thousand hours of continuing education may not leave enough time to actually practice dentistry.

Balance should be the goal, a regular schedule of yearly continuing education, backed up by practical application in the dental office often times equates to happy dental patients.

By asking the questions that matter we can best determine an easily navigable course of dental health for our families.

Do you have patient testimonials to review? top_5_questions_to_ask_when_searching_for_a_new_dentist

Word of mouth has gone digital, but how can we be sure that gleaming (or scathing) review of our newly chosen dentist is accurate?

Ask the practice if they have any testimonials from existing patients, peer experience can be the make or break point when choosing a new dentist.

Credentials, location, and continuing education are important factors, but the words of someone who has sat in the chair offer a peek into our future dental experience.

Beware of the dental practice that has zero existing patient testimonials to review, it either means they don’t care enough to communicate with their patients, or nobody has anything good to say.

A word about online reviews – please consider the validity of online reviews when searching for a new dentist.

Some can be helpful and 100% legitimate, and some can be totally fake – online reviews can be good indicators, but just make sure they are only part of your decision-making process, not the be all end all.

Do you take my dental insurance?

With the economy being what it is presently, financial considerations often take the place of quality of treatment.

We shouldn’t make the mistake of trading a substandard “in network” dental practice with that of a fee for service dental practice just because they don’t take our insurance.

Most practices (and insurance providers) offer some type of middle ground; whether it’s no-interest financing or reduced fees for “out of network” providers, there are options available to new dental patients.

We need to start with our insurance provider and narrow down the search.

If we find a dentist that doesn’t accept our insurance, but we’ve heard great things from friends, open the dialogue with the practice, surely they have financial options available to best serve their surrounding community.

And if not, there is another practice out there that does…we just have to search a little more.

But isn’t our health, and that of our families, worth it?

top_5_questions_to_ask_when_searching_for_a_new_dentistWhile the majority of us will never come across someone practicing dentistry without a license, that doesn’t mean all dental practices are equal when it comes to serving their patients.

The list above is a starting point in our search for a good dentist.

We all want a dentist that is an upstanding member of the community, respectful of patient communication, and the leader of an engaging and informative staff.

If you have a dental health question that we haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment and let us know!

In case you missed Part I of this most social of dentistry series, you can see what other questions we recommend asking on your journey – Top 5 Questions to Ask When Searching for a New Dentist – Part I.